Our Model

Thorough, Comprehensive and Research Driven

Our Model

Psychology Consultants LLC is a team of clinical psychologists who collaborate in comprehensive and complex evaluations of families in conflict regarding time sharing and parenting plan development. Our model is unique in that the team meets with the family, assesses, formulates opinions, and writes the report as a collaborative effort. The process therefore is a purposeful and determined deliberation amongst the team members from start to finish. In this way all aspects of the case are thoroughly vetted and several perspectives considered throughout the assessment process. This produces an ecologically valid and comprehensive end result that strives to be free from the distortions and confirmatory bias which jeopardize the results generated by single practitioner models. The end user of the report can be confident that all perspectives have been anticipated, reviewed and considered. Our model is data based and relies on extensive behavioral observation. Recommendations are supported by recent research pertinent to the issue in question.

Fees Structure

Fees are based on the number of persons to be evaluated, the scope of the referral questions, and the complexity of the case. A fee agreement is reached and signed before any interviews are scheduled or records reviewed. A retainer is due before the evaluation process is initiated. All fees must be paid in full before the report is issued. Specific fees are detailed in an engagement agreement and responsibility for payment of fees by one or both parents, and any other individual, must be agreed upon in writing before the process is begun.

The Evaluation Process

After initial referral, the team meets to determine the scope of the teams involvement and each evaluation is uniquely tailored to the specific referral question so that no two evaluations are exactly alike. Appointments are then scheduled with each parent individually. Parents will meet with at least two members of the team, individually and with each of their children, and the children will also be seen individually if they are of appropriate age. Parents must agree to participate in all facets of the evaluation, with their appropriate age children, as determined by the team. The procedures of the evaluation, including the involvement of the children, will be explained to each parent at separate initial interviews. Signed agreements and informed consents are necessary for the evaluation to proceed. As information is compiled from these interviews, any psychological testing, record review and collateral interviews, the team meets to discuss the dynamics of the family and to form an understanding of its unique needs leading to final recommendations. A detailed report summarizes all contacts and findings/recommendations and is released to the parties’ attorneys and the Court, or as provided by the Court Order.


Psychology Consultants LLC is committed to the highest of ethical and professional standards. According to the ethics of the profession of psychology, a time sharing/parenting plan evaluation employing the team model approach cannot be conducted with a family where any one of the psychologists in Psychology Consultants LLC has been involved previously in a treatment or evaluation relationship with any member of that family. Similarly, after the time sharing/parenting plan evaluation is concluded, the team members cannot become involved in any future therapeutic or evaluation relationship with any member of the family. We welcome any questions you have about our model or the appropriateness of our team approach for your family or for your client.