Psychology Consultants LLC is a team of clinical psychologists who collaborate in comprehensive and complex evaluations of families in conflict regarding time sharing and parenting plan development. Our model is unique in that the team meets with the family, assesses, formulates opinions, and writes the report as a collaborative effort. The process therefore is a purposeful and determined deliberation amongst the team members from start to finish. In this way all aspects of the case are thoroughly vetted and several perspectives considered throughout the assessment process. This produces an ecologically valid and comprehensive end result that strives to be free from the distortions and confirmatory bias which jeopardize the results generated by single practitioner models. The end user of the report can be confident that all perspectives have been anticipated, reviewed and considered. Our model is data based and relies on extensive behavioral observation. Recommendations are supported by recent research pertinent to the issue in question.

We never take short cuts in our process which involves extensive interviews of relevant family members, including parents, all school-age children, grandparents, etc. as well as review of pertinent educational, psychological, medical and legal documents. Collateral interviews are held as appropriate with individuals who could shed light on the family dynamics, such as pediatricians, teachers, new partners, nannies, etc. Psychological testing is conducted as the individual situation merits. All services are provided with informed consent of the parties and their attorneys and within the limits of confidentiality as allowed in a forensic context. Referrals can be made through the individual parties, their attorneys or by court order.